The Complete AVR Programmer That Fits In Your Pocket

We have seen a few very nice and polished AVR based projects from [Manekinen] over the last few years. Now he has just finished his latest project, the µProg, a super tiny complete AVR programmer with a bunch of features. The µProg completely eliminates the need for a computer to program your embedded AVR chips.

The programmer fits entirely behind an LPH7779 graphics display, and accepts any FAT16/32 formatted microSD cards. Some features include, reading, writing or verifying flash, eeprom, fusebits and lockbits, it also shows amusing animations after every operation. The device is controlled with the use of 4 tactile buttons and operates on a couple of CR2032 batteries.

For an amazingly detailed write up including pictures, eagle files and firmware check out his website. The video embedded after the break has a nice demonstration of the µProg in action, showing off a few of the features and animations. You should also check out his PSU monitor and a spectrum analyser


13 thoughts on “The Complete AVR Programmer That Fits In Your Pocket

  1. Great…from the beginin,with the conception of the Idea,the follow up of the concept and the resulting Neat Grafic AVR Programmer…

    -How about making it Pic compatible too…?

  2. Impressive UI. Quick too. As above though, shame it doesn’t do HV fuse programming or debugwire/JTAG. Dis/assembler would be handy, but why stop there? Why not try and cram all the AVRStudio functionality in there. And for extra kudos it would have been cool to have made it with a PIC. :-)

  3. Hats off to the care that went into design and execution. A really neat device, indeed.

    However, I do have to wonder how many people have a need for this sort of “in-field” MCU programming. I assume most of us do this kind of work at a desk using a computer, rather than having devices in need of upgrades deployed in remote places. But hey, if it’s useful to you…

    Oh, one last thing – I prefer to let components that are actually good at doing a job do it. And we have to admit our mobiles are just as portable but infinitely better at UI stuff (and they already include storage, not to mention the chance to actually do development on them directly if you really must).

    …so, did anyone do an Android ADK-based AVR/PIC programmer yet…?

  4. @OP, build it into your old steam driven Nokia RM series and make a Bluetooth enabled AVR programmer :-)

    These can be modified in this way thanks to the abundance of space inside the casing, in fact mine has not only enough space for this but an inductive charger Rx coil as well.

    Next project, a 3-D camera hack.

  5. Max said:

    “…so, did anyone do an Android ADK-based AVR/PIC programmer yet…?”

    -I think this would be Great too…

    What about mixing something like this with spiritplumber´s post about “aNDROID TALKS PULSEWAVE”
    Here at HaD…?

    +10 to all of you guys…

    Un Saludo…

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