Google ADK Clones Pack A Few Extra Features, Hopefully Far Cheaper Than The Original


[charliex] from Null Space Labs wrote in to share a project that he and the rest of the gang have been working on over the last few weeks. The team has been remixing and building clones of the Google ADK demo board we saw earlier this year, in hopes of getting a huge batch prepped before Defcon 19.

Their version makes subtle changes to the original, such as extra header rows for Mega AVRs, higher quality RGB LEDs, and a nifty pirate-Android logo. They also added the ability for the board to send and receive IR signals allowing it to be used as a TV-B-Gone, as well as in more fruitful pursuits. The Arduino board used with the ADK has only undergone minor revisions, most of which were layout related.

[charliex] hasn’t mentioned a price for their improved ADK boards, but we’re guessing they will be substantially cheaper than the official Google version. In the meantime, check out their site for a boatload of pictures and videos of these boards undergoing various stages of construction.

9 thoughts on “Google ADK Clones Pack A Few Extra Features, Hopefully Far Cheaper Than The Original

    1. So $195? Still seems expensive for what’s basically an Arduino Mega with a shield. But hey, it beats paying $390 elsewhere, especially considering this one works with older Android versions while the official one only works with Android 2.3.4 and above.

      I have to pick one of these up sometime to put the old HTC G1/Dream to better use, taking up space in the parts drawer isn’t a good use for it.

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    1. Wtf? A camera looking at phone screen? A wifi interface? What will power the phone? an atomic power source powering an motor woth a fake rubber hand that cranks a dinamo for the cell phone charger?

      Man, i thought rocket scientists were clever and had good toys

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