A Robotic Turtle Platform To Buy Or Build

This electric turtle bot instructable describes a fairly simple turtle-style robot meant to be laser cut out of acrylic (although other materials such as aluminum, MDF, or polycarbonate should work just as well). This frame is also optionally for sale, which should appeal to those that would like a mechanical robotics platform to play with, but don’t have access to machine tools. The build instructions include a detailed bill of materials which should come in handy.

As displayed in the video after the break, the robot uses a sonar sensor to navigate. This sensor is set up on a servo in order to scan the terrain, and, depending on how it’s programmed, hopefully avoid obstacles. As of when the video was taken, the little robot appears to sense an obstacle then scan with the servo left and right to see what the best way to turn is.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA_kIY3MvTE&w=470&h=349%5D

If this little turtle robot doesn’t have enough power for your taste, check out this autonomous ATV sentry.

5 thoughts on “A Robotic Turtle Platform To Buy Or Build

    1. I agree… my code isn’t up to snuff on this one.

      Working on some better code; Truthfully though, the instructable is about the chassis, it’s ability to be fairly generic and re-purposed for multiple builds and configurations without much fuss.

  1. Looks Fairly Interesting!

    If I do recall the Parallax PING sensor is on the steep side of pricing. Wonder how hard it would be to slap your own together ….

    Editors Note: Insert Break before video

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