Portable Light Box For Photographers On-the-go

Looking to make a quality light box more portable, [Hharry] designed a collapsible version complete with adjustable side lighting.

Light tents are used by photographers as a stage for photographing small items. The use of multiple light sources, and a fabric that will diffuse them, means a reduction in shadows that might otherwise ruin a picture. This design starts with an MDF base in the form of a shallow box with a few baffles running left to right. Drawer slides connect the lamp poles to these baffles, making it easy to pull each of the four light sources out when setting up the tent.

The white fabric that makes up the stage has pockets sewn into the edges to accept dowel rods. These are not anchored permanently. They pull against the fabric when wedged in place to keep the tent taut, but easily fold down for storage in the cavities of the base. Finally, the top of the carrying case folds down and a drawer pull serves as the carrying handle.

A light tent isn’t the only way to battle shadows in your pictures. Check out this method that uses mirrors to adjust lighting conditions.

[Thanks David]

4 thoughts on “Portable Light Box For Photographers On-the-go

  1. Bought one for $19.99 at a local store that easily comes apart for “travel”. If you have a bunch of parts for free, this is a great How-To. if you have to buy that parts, just get one already done for cheaper.

  2. I like the built-in lighting, but reflectors would help a lot. Replacing the CFL’s with CFL flood lamps would work.

    It also looks like the MDF is rather thick for this application. That stuff gets heavy!

    I use an ebay light tent along with two of these:


    I love my tent with its changeable background colors. I am not happy with the lighting setup.

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