Making The Most Of Your Diy Development Boards

[Rajendra] built a rather impressive development board based around a PIC microcontroller. At its center, he’s got a PIC 16F1827 chip, but we think the design is easily adapted to your microcontroller of choice.

The I/O pins on the microcontroller aren’t actually connected to any of the components on the board. Instead, female pin headers neatly organize the pins grouped by their register. Jumper wires make for quick connections to all of the available peripheral devices. There’s an additional header for connecting the PICKit programmer, and the small blue breadboard lets you add your own components to the mix, or lets you utilize the board with a different microcontroller.

[Rajendra] took the time to carefully label all of the connectors, removing the guesswork (or pin counting) from the setup process. Many of the peripherals are i2c devices, and there’s a pin header to connect more, or to sniff the data using a Bus Pirate or other tool.

10 thoughts on “Making The Most Of Your Diy Development Boards

  1. This is months old. I learned about this project via HAD in June, mulled it over for a few weeks, put an order to futurlec for parts which took 2 months to ship, built it and have been using it another month since.

    It’s a great project, but is HAD constantly reposting articles or digging up stuff that’s years past? I won’t be surprised if I wake up tomorrow to read HAD and learn of how a man named Shockley recently discovered how to impregnate silicon with impurities.

    I enjoy this site a lot, but there’s no excuse to be so behind the curve.

    1. First, let me clarify, english is not my native langage, so forgive me for my spelling…

      This site is NOT about the latest news in the hacking community, it is a place where some people can share their passion about hacks. They can’t know every last hack.

      If you had the chance to find this info before them, why didn’t you e-mailed them to relate the info?

      I don’t understand why some people whine about not having the latest news when the staff behind this site take on their own time to deliver.

    2. I don’t remember seeing it – when was it published before on this site?

      For that matter, I don’t care if it has been published earlier as it’s the first time I’ve seen it and it’s given me a few ideas.

      Even if I has seen it, even if I thought – “omg done already” I wouldn’t bother posting a purely negative comment for no reason. If they repeat themselves sometimes – so what, I’d rather see a good idea 10 times than someone moaning once.

    3. I just searched for Rajendra, and yes there are OTHER breadboard projects he contributes, just not this one.

      So you you get the donkey of the day for:
      A: starting a comment thread that was pointless to begin with (even though it prometed a post from me!! ugh…)

      B: you were wrong. period.

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