Crawling Zombie Is Shockingly Creepy

When [Mark] sent in the tip about this crawling zombie prop he said that it didn’t sound scary but warned us that it is terrifying when you see it. He’s absolutely right, the video after the break shows some remarkably undead movement from the thing.

This crawler is actually radio controlled. Details are brief, but there’s plenty of pictures and the start of a build tutorial for the hardware. A wood frame serves as collar-bone and spine for the zombie. Attached to the spine are two  motors which allow independent shoulder operation. We’d wager that the realistic movements are due to a talented operator at the controls, but it can’t be too hard to master if you play around with it for a while. It looks like the initial build was headless, but we think the addition of the zombie head really makes finishes out the project!


[via Build Lounge]

28 thoughts on “Crawling Zombie Is Shockingly Creepy

  1. its nice, would be good if the face had some mobility and it needs something that shows its not a guy crawling on the ground in a mask, i mean i guess if you see it in the right angle and see it is missing half its body that would be a good indication.

  2. that’s pretty hot. I love crawlers, they can’t get away that fast. When they do, its cute to see their little faces when you drag them back for more. You can’t spell necromancer without romance :) on another note, this is really awesome and i wish i had one for my friends wedding. would be awesome to have him crawling around the seats biting people.

    1. Better yet, 10 with different gaits – like crutch-hobble, one-arm crawl, standard zombie plod – dressed in Confederate Army uniforms, and set them loose on reenactment day.

  3. RC is so yesteryear. Need to breed this with the agricultural bots featured previously, to end up with a swarm of autonomous zombie bots, going berserk all over the neighborhood




    *random 8-bit crunching sound*

    Mnom nom nom mnom

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