USB And PS/2 Key Loggers And Mess With Your Grammar

[Irongeek] is up to his old tricks once again with this new key logger prototype. It’s in the early stages, as attested by the breadboard built circuit, but [Adrian] still gives us a demo video after the break showing where he’s at right now. It comes in two flavors, the USB pass through seen above, or another that still connects to the computer via USB but functions with a PS/2 keyboard.

Aside from the obvious issue of a key logger stealing everything you type, there’s some prank value in this device too. The Teensy has more than enough processing power to watch what you typing and make changes as it goes. He shows off blatant rewrites, like changing “has” to “haz” or “you” to “U”. We think it would be better to change things like “they’re” to “their” or “it’s” to “its”. These would be very difficult to see happening and if you added randomness to how often the replacements occur, your victim would sooner come to the conclusion that they’re going crazy than that they’re the target of a little hazing. In fact, that’s probably the reason for our own grammar errors though the years; blast!


15 thoughts on “USB And PS/2 Key Loggers And Mess With Your Grammar

  1. I want this, but to correct the spelling of inter-n00bs. Let’s say you’re playing a nice video game, and your moronic teammate can’t seam to type three letters when he wants to tell you how much ‘u suk’ and ‘ur bad’. I’d really prefer to hear about how You suck and how you’re bad.

  2. Man, many years ago (almost 20 years ago now…) I wrote a little TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program for MS-DOS that was a replacement keyboard handler that would hook the keyboard interrupt, decode the scancodes, etc… It also hooked the timer interrupt so it could keep track of how long the keyboard had been idle, so if nobody typed anything for a few hours it would type a little silly phrase “Slime Molds Rule” I believe it was. It would also randomly (on average once in a hundred times) watch to see if the user had typed the word “food” and if they had, it would backspace over it and replace it with a certain four letter word starting with ‘S’. It was a fun prank to deploy. The library card catalog computers were my favorite place to deploy it (Hey, I was a kid and had nothing better to do…)

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