Bomb Disposal Robot With Lego Gripper

[Krash] had a lot of fun hacking up his Spy Gear TRAKR; we’re just lucky he was able to move a suspicious Shrek doll before it detonated.

The now discontinued Spy Gear TRAKR serves as the basis for [Krash]’s build. This tiny remote-controlled toy transmits video back to its remote and makes us very jealous of the awesome toys our nephew has. Thankfully, the engineers behind the TRAKR made it extremely hackable, as proved by Hack A Day’s very own [Phil Burgess].

[Krash] began his build by putting a few male headers in the GPIO pins on the TRAKR’s board. After that, the TRAKR SDK was downloaded. He used a few Snap Circuits to verify his TRAKR software was working, then set off to build a Lego gripper arm. The arm is powered through an H-bridge IC [Krash] found alongside the rest of his Snap Circuits stuff.

Not a bad build for what amounts to a pile of toys. Check out [Krash]’s video of his bomb disposal bot after the break.


4 thoughts on “Bomb Disposal Robot With Lego Gripper

  1. unfortunately spy gear stopped making the trakr. get ’em while you can!

    the “new model” is a brookstone-only wifi and apple only that is definitely designed NOT to be hacked.

    (that hasn’t stopped anyone in the past though LOL)

      1. from what I understand (my sister used to work at brookstone) spy gear was working on the wifi version, probably for sale this christmas. but they didn’t put in the money needed to keep it exclusive, and brookstone DID. the manufacturer in china decided to go where the money is.

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