RCA DSB772WE Teardown Shows That This Cheap Streaming Box Might Have Potential


[David Anders] wrote in to share some details of a cheap little gadget he picked up at his local Wal-Mart. He scored the RCA DSB772WE media streaming box for $48, and so far it looks like it could be a promising addition to his living room.

He started a project page for the box, detailing some of his findings thus far. The device is MIPS based and runs the Linux kernel version right out of the box. The networking components are based on the Broadcom BCM7615 chipset, though it looks to [David] that the Ethernet jack was removed at some point during production.

So far, he’s managed to get a serial console running on the device, along with an additional USB host connection. That’s about all the poking around he has done thus far, but seeing as the box can output a 1080p signal over HDMI, it could be a cheap substitute for an Apple TV or similar device.

If you happen to have one of these at home, or are planning on buying one, be sure to check out his project page and contribute any information you might be able to glean from it. We’re sure [David] would appreciate it, and we certainly look forward to seeing what else comes out of his hacking adventures.

75 thoughts on “RCA DSB772WE Teardown Shows That This Cheap Streaming Box Might Have Potential

  1. i have one of these, as well as a sony smb n200 and 2 netgear neo tv ntv300sl devices. of the 3 the rca is the worst. it overheats and has a poor ui coparatively. the sony is awesome with more connectors, better ui ( like the psp, ps3 ) and more settings and features, but the ui is a little small and hard to see. the neo seems very good as a candidiate for hacking/modding ( would love to see xmbc o it or plex media link)as someone already rooted it with just the remote (which has a keyboard on the back) and the ui is cleaner and better looking/ bigger.

  2. After dumping and then pouring over the many lines of source code, I am amazed that no one has picked up on the most obvious uses of this device, This device contains the master keys for decoding Blu-ray, DVD, and Comcast (Xfinity) (HDCP) closed video delivery systems. A small series of code modifications, made with the help of the relatively useful original code comments transform this device into a hacker’s master console. Wayne.

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