Hackaday Merit Badges Now Available At Adafruit!

The folks over at Adafruit had this idea to make “merit badges” for different achievements. One of the major achievements they mentioned was having your project posted to Hackaday. They asked our approval and got it. The badges have finally come in, so we are happy to announce them. You can purchase them directly from Adafruit, along with a plethora of other badges to adorn your projects.

[Phil Torrone] had a great idea though. To celebrate this, they are going to give away 10 badges to the projects that you, our readers, choose to be the top 10. Go on, dig back through the ranks and post links in the comments. We’ll dig through them and try to compile a list. We will then try to contact those people to send them a free badge.

38 thoughts on “Hackaday Merit Badges Now Available At Adafruit!

      1. Well… If HAD made badges them selves, they would get the profit. Adafruit doesn’t make the badges themselves either.

        Why does it have to be an “achievement” badge, I just want a HAD iron-on patch.

  1. BUY a MERIT badge????
    That’s seems SO wrong!

    Neat badge though…

    Oh yeah, I want to be the first to post,

    “We don’t need no stinking badges!”

    So make sure they are sprayed with Febreze B^)

    1. hey ren, the badges are being given away *free* for the top 10 projects here. soon – you’ll also be able to earn badges, again for free, if you come up with an amazing project that’s featured on hack-a-day. i’ll have more details on that as i roll that program out! it’s something i wanted to do back when i started hack-a-day and now i have some resources to do it and can work with the hack-a-day team to help reward all the cool makers that share their projects.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean the giveaway badges, I meant calling it a “merit” badge, while others could buy them “without” merit. B^)

        Sort of like (in a small way) someone buying a “Medal of Honor” and then wearing it as if they received it.

        I just might not be hacky enough to earn my own,
        then again, I’ve seen “Reader Tips” published (and paid for) in magazines that I’d thought of long ago.

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