Pyxis 3 Hits Beta; Rebranded As Gadgetos

The beta version of Pyxis 3 is now available. Skewworks continues to develop the ARM operating system, and with the transition to version 3 they’ve given it a new name: Gadgetos. One big difference from Pyxis 2 is that the new kernal is closed source. But they’ve taken steps to ensure that the OS is still hardware independent. This is done by reworking the kernel to allow driver loading at run time from an SD card.

The user interface has also changed a bit. Gadgetos relies entirely on a context-based menu system. The minimum input hardware requires a touchscreen LCD and one tactile button. By holding that button, a menu pops up in the center of the screen. This menu is different based on where it is called (this is where context comes in). If you’re at the desktop screen, you get options to load programs, etc. If you pull up the menu while running an application you’ll see the options available for that app. To see more about the new navigation system check out the video after the break.


24 thoughts on “Pyxis 3 Hits Beta; Rebranded As Gadgetos

  1. .NET and closed source. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Seriously, there already are better and free alternatives with shitloads of software, so I believe the entire goal of this project will be its purchase by a bigger company that needs a closed source solution for… …er… well, for something.

  2. We made the move to closing the kernel because we’re introducing a reward system and having the kernel open would make it too easy to cheat the system.

    It’s possible we might open up the rest of the kernel and just close off the rewards.

    Gadgetos will also be the launchpad for a new NETMF based game system that’s currently in the works.

    1. A reward system, now the closed source suddenly makes sense!

      Seriously, if you are going to leave a comment like that, the least you could do is explain it.

      We killed 3 babies for this product, but it’s fine, because we got sparkes!

    2. You know what they’re gonna do? If its worth it at all, they’ll just use IDA or something and circumvent it anyway. Security by obscurity is so dead at this point everybody should know better already.

      1. Just because someone with nothing better to do with their time than crack security will eventually get through doesn’t mean we should make it easy on them.

        Since after you’re three comments it’s obvious you are a master coder that knows all, why don’t you go make a system yourself and profit wildly from your awe inspiring talent. :D

  3. Shewworks: yeah, but the point was – by making it harder to circumvent, you won’t protect anything. My opinion is that it would be incredibly hard to justify even a new embedded open source kernel since there are so many already. So making your own kernel -AND- closed-sourcing it just sounds downright stupid. Who’s gonna make drivers for you anyway? On what devices do you plan to get? Even Openmoko couldn’t succeed with pure linux that many people loved. What makes you better than everyone else ?

  4. So it’s a tough sell,seems to be aimed at a similar market to the hacker/maker crowd, although maybe not given the commentary by the dev.

    It is related to microsoft, its .net, and its closed source ( reason , security via obscurity, even tougher sell since everyone knows that’s just flub), and the company/developer comments with attitude.

    I have one of the earlier GHI boards for people to use at our space, its pretty good too, shame though.

    best of luck though

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