Pyxis 3 Hits Beta; Rebranded As Gadgetos

The beta version of Pyxis 3 is now available. Skewworks continues to develop the ARM operating system, and with the transition to version 3 they’ve given it a new name: Gadgetos. One big difference from Pyxis 2 is that the new kernal is closed source. But they’ve taken steps to ensure that the OS is still hardware independent. This is done by reworking the kernel to allow driver loading at run time from an SD card.

The user interface has also changed a bit. Gadgetos relies entirely on a context-based menu system. The minimum input hardware requires a touchscreen LCD and one tactile button. By holding that button, a menu pops up in the center of the screen. This menu is different based on where it is called (this is where context comes in). If you’re at the desktop screen, you get options to load programs, etc. If you pull up the menu while running an application you’ll see the options available for that app. To see more about the new navigation system check out the video after the break.

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