Hackaday Links: January 10, 2012

They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t put a man in LEO

Yeah, we’re enraged by that headline. Anyway, NASA put up a whole bunch of projects and made them open source. From the looks of it, there’s plenty of cool stuff: genetic algorithm libs, toolkits for astrodynamics simulations (on the Goddard site), and this cool thing.

Nyan all the disks!

[brainsmoke], a hacker over at revspace, made an assembler version of nyan cat that can be placed on the bootloader of any disk. Just a reminder that you shouldn’t mount everything out there. We learned that lesson the week we discovered a penicillin allergy.

It’ll replace the Buffy poster.

[Anthony Clay] has been working on a set of EE posters that he’s putting up as a Kickstarter. They’re Ohm’s Law, resistor calculator, capacitance, and inductance posters that would look great above any workbench. He’s looking for ideas for other posters, so drop him a line and vote for the 7400 logic poster. All of them.

Ooooohhhh MIDI sampler

A while ago, we saw this neat MIDI Arduino shield. The Kickstarter reached its funding goal (there’s still time left!), but now [Keith] writes in to tell us that the AvecSynth library is platform independent. You could use this to record and play back MIDI messages. MIDI tape delay, anyone?

Open mind, not mouth.

With the success of the Stanford AI class last year, it looks like MIT is really getting their head into the game. Think of it this way: it’s MIT opencourseware that can lead to credentials. Now the only question is, ‘how do you prank a virtual campus?’

14 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: January 10, 2012

  1. “Just a reminder that you shouldn’t mount everything out there. We learned that lesson the week we discovered a penicillin allergy.”

    I heard “giggidy-giggidy” after reading that.

  2. LOL(Laughing Out Loud) ;), not too long ago there was a minor bit of a spat about the proper use of antonyms. Yes Law Enforcement Officer could be correct, but in the context Low Earth Orbit make more sense. Sort of. The orbit of the ISS(International Space Station), and many of the Space Shuttle missions are considered LEO, so NASA can put people in LEO. What’s annoying after visiting the NASA links I know have ISS mouse pointer

  3. In what sense is AvecSynth platform independent? AFICT, it still runs on exactly the one platform it always ran on: Arduino. It just runs on a less limited subset of current Arduinos than before — if you manually modify the source to allow that.

  4. Unfortunately the nyancat doesn’t include sound. I was looking into using the pc-speaker from assembly, but the code would probably not fit (and my assembly skills are non-existent so couldn’t make it work :P)

    If anyone can make a patch that can do that it would be very welcome :D

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