Dice Gauntlet Joins Cosplay With D&D Gaming

If you needed a reason to dress up for your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure this is surely it. Not only will this attractive wrist adornment go right along with your medieval theme, but the gauntlet doubles as a multi-sided digital die.

Sparkfun whipped up this tutorial which details the build. Yep, they’re hawking their own goods but we must say this is one of the few projects using sewable electronics which we thoroughly enjoy. It calls for several Lilypad modules, including an Arduino board, accelerometer, and slide switches. The switches let you select the number of sides for the die you are about to roll. The accelerometer starts the fun when you shake your wrist back and forth (that’s what she said). The project is powered by a rechargeable battery, which we always like to see, and uses a four-digit seven segment display located where the face of a wristwatch is normally found.

Of course, you could get the shaking action and use no batteries at all if you wish.

11 thoughts on “Dice Gauntlet Joins Cosplay With D&D Gaming

      1. no i think its the mode where it always rolls crits (or rolls them a statistically higher amount but not so high as to make anyone suspicious)
        or perhaps rolls crits with the push of a button. (i had to literally show my DM the source code to my dice rolling program before he would let me use it)

        but this project does give me some ideas for different medieval/steam punk D&D gear. so that alone makes it a great build

      1. “Easier/cheaper” is one thing. “Fit for purpose” is another — and, as anyone could tell you who’s ever needed to roll more than one die at a time (which is a near-ubiquitous requirement in tabletop RPGs!), this isn’t.

        That’s my problem with it; I don’t care so much that it’s silly (no accounting for taste) as that, in building it, you spend quite a lot of money and time on a capability that doesn’t even match, much less surpass, what you can get for five minutes and $20 at your local games shop.

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