A Full Auto PVC Battery Gun


So what’s better than a battery gun? A full auto pneumatic battery gun of course!  [ukilliheal], decided to build one of these, and show us the results in his video after the break.  After turning the gun on, this contraption shoots at a pretty impressive rate of fire (although, apparently not as fast as some of his other experiments).  Apparently batteries can do a pretty fair amount of damage to a cardboard target as shown around 1:20. [ukilliheal] apparently thinks this is pretty hilarious, but we wouldn’t want to be on the other end of this device!

Although details on this build are fairly slim in this video, [ukilliheal’s] other videos should provide some clues, especially those where he explains how to make a full auto paintball gun.  If the same technique is used, a piston reloads the chamber using a homemade valve that releases pressure when it gets too high.  Electronics could also be used, but keeping everything mechanical will allow for the batteries to be used solely as ammuntion.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Gs2mKNjV0%5D

If full-auto guns aren’t your thing, why not check out this bolt-action miniature pneumatic spud gun!

41 thoughts on “A Full Auto PVC Battery Gun

    1. After that, Sci, gun-phobiacs will demand picture ID and background checks for the purchase of batteries, and battery holders will be limited in size by law to hold no more than 4 cells. After all, comrade, what do you *really* need that many batteries for?

      I find the notion of a person posting anti-gun comments on a hacker site funny. I usually think of the amateur radio crowd as the original “hackers.” Ironically the one group who could rightfully claim to predate them as “hackers” are frontier gunsmiths.

      As to the guy’s project– the thing we should really be talking about, I think it’s cool. He obviously takes pleasure in his creations, and that makes me smile too.

  1. Am I the only one that thinks shooting batteries is insanly idiotic? What’s the case apart from filling nature with harmfull/toxic waste?

    This belongs on the Darwin Awards when the thing blows up in his oversized face.

      1. I tried it with huge equipment versions of cotter pins. Too heavy to be fun. I still prefer custom molded ice.

        1. Self lubricating
        2. Somewhat Ablative
        3. Cheap
        4. Leaves no chemicals in my back yard

        And for the record I think this guy is a huge, stupid idiot. Now if he was using less pressure and nerf darts…

      2. Don’t be absurd.

        He CLEARLY needs to build a home centrifuge so he can make depleted uranium penetrators. As a bonus, he also gets some enriched uranium to fuel a toolshed electrical generator.

    1. I’ts because you didn’t see the flame war this thing almost caused when it was 1st posted. Not only about how stupid shooting dangerous chemicals around is, but also about using PVC in pressurized air guns. Check the link jkent posted above.

    2. Yea while they probably a convenient ammo source the batteries are a poor choice. In any given time period he is probably pumping less toxic waste into the environment, than the non-hunting recreational use of firearms does. Not sure what the size of his face has to do with anything.

    1. Chances are good it’s same sweatshirt as last time, but I’m not sure what conclusion you want us to draw from making such an observation. The sweatshirt probably was worn, and laundered multiple times since the first video we seen.

      1. It is a indirect joke about the video being reposted here at HaD and also a joke about all the hackers out there (me included) using the same outfit during their explosive sessions.

      2. “Same sweatshirt” is an observation. “worn, and laundered multiple times” is an assumption. A conclusion would be that the young man in the video takes more care in crafting than in his appearance.

    2. @johnd While “same sweatshirt” may be an observation, chances are great it’s an observation on based on an assumption. Even “that the young man in the video takes more care in crafting” could be a conclusion based on an assumption. Given that neither video really never had that much detail on fit or finish. While I put on a fresh shirt every day, I probably end up wearing the same color on consecutive days, I guess I better be more careful on that.While I’m of German decent, and a blue eyed blonde I’m far being lean, like the lean Aryan another commenter mentioned. ;)

  2. Yea I thought dupe when I first seen it came up, with patience I didn’t scream dupe. Same gun, different video, because this video was about modifications. So not a dupe. @ukilliheal that “white thing” you see in the magazine after you empty it is called the follower.

  3. why post this 2 time yea it can shoot 600 p/m
    but the magazine can hold only 23 shots. i think this is not a thing to show on hack a day
    it need 2 big warnings 1 fat guy 2 do not make it it can be illigal to have one

      1. Except it kind of is… The video in this post was uploaded on November 4th 2011, the original HaD post was made on November 7th 2011. Even though this exact video wasn’t featured in the original post most of us probably saw it first time around.

      2. Well this is a double post of the video. The link above from HAD has the same video on it.

        Thanks HAD for wasting 10 minutes of my life. to read this again, go through all the comments and write this reply.

  4. But… would misusing this device be classed as assault with battery ? (g)

    Seriously, this is a BAD idea, not least because this could take someone’s eye out.
    Also using Nicads is even worse than regular alkalines, Cd salts (CdOH2) are ridiculously toxic if some curious pet eats the scattered battery debris.

    Anyone wishing to try this with fully charged Li-Ions (extra points for recalled ones!) may arrange to send the video in to be nominated for the Darwin Awards.

  5. for some reason i cant stand whatching this guy talk about his stupid air gun anymore, he always sounds so pleased with himself and that thing is not as cool as he makes it out to be.

  6. Well, _I_ think its cool…

    In agreement of the fact that batteries are lousy for shooting around; but can anyone else think of a cheap source of small, dense, regular-sided sealed cylinders that are identical in dimensions?

    …The Kinder Surprise Egg prize pods aren’t straight-sided anymore, though they are cheap and identical and could be weighted…

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