Slow Motion Destruction Of Random Things

Though we can’t really tell you how this is hacking related, we’ve always shared random videos of stuff getting destroyed with you. Invariably someone in the comments goes on a rant about how wasteful and/or dangerous it is. This clip, from a Danish TV show called  Stupid and Dangerous, fits that description quite well. It is also freaking awesome.

We’re really not sure what draws us to these videos exactly. Is it vicarious destruction or possibly our natural affinity for slow motion?

[via Dvice]

21 thoughts on “Slow Motion Destruction Of Random Things

  1. I take it you guys have seen the short-lived 2 season show Time Warp? If you haven’t see it then check it out, the footage they capture with their expensive cameras is often quite fascinating, they even get the “Will It Blend?” guy on and put some cigarette lighters in one of his blenders.

    1. I used TimeWarp to test my HD TV when it came out. And while a lot of it was a bit silly (like how they always had to make Time Warp a verb, eg “now let’s see it Time Warped!”) there were some really surprising things like when then shot an arrow through a balloon and you could see how it begins to disintegrate as the arrow travels through it.

      The frozen turkey in deep fryer is another classic:

  2. YAY more stuff from Denmark, since it aired it has been my favorite show.
    i don’t know if it’s on the interwebs yet but in one of the episodes they shoot bags of flour at a small shed with a pneumatic cannon, inside the shed are strategically placed torches resulting in a nice FAE lifting the roof of the shed.

  3. That was sublime! However, at time 2:35, notice the bullet ricochet straight back at the shooter. Just last Thursday, me and my buddy were shooting at the range, and the bullet ricocheted back and hit him in the adams apple. Legit, he’s ok though

  4. Would have been better if tr can on the stove blew out on the bottom making a bean propelled rocket or whatever it was in the can. I really didn’t expect the utter destruction of the microwave by the wine bottle. Must have been a strong bottle with a good cork/cap seal to build up that kind of energy. Crazy stuff man.

  5. “we can’t really tell you how this is hacking related” hey, at least the rocket improved drying rack was a kind of hack, although I’m not sure how well the drying process was improved :-)

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