A Fantastic Acrylic Light Display

As a retired industrial designer, [Dave] has a lot of time to do what we’d all like to do: sit around in a workshop and make stuff. His latest project, an acrylic light display of an Indian motorcycle looks fantastic and betrays his designer heritage.

The base of the light display is made up of a laminate of a few 1/4″ pieces of Poplar carved on [Dave]’s CNC machine. These pieces were glued together with a slot routed into the top for the arcylic panel. Instead of going with a few LEDs for the light source, [Dave] used a small cold cathode fluorescent lamp with the requisite inverter tucked away inside the base. This is the same setup he used in an earlier project, and judging from that the Indian motorcycle display looks great on the inside.

After giving the wooden base a few coats of lacquer, [Dave] milled a piece of acrylic with an Indian motorcycle motif he created himself. It’s a great piece of work, sure to brighten up his very awesome workshop.

5 thoughts on “A Fantastic Acrylic Light Display

  1. The burnt edges of the wood cut on the VNV machine indicate too low of a chip load. He needs to either increase his movement speed, or decrease the spped that the bit is spinning. Too low a chip load will cause the bit to get hot and dull quickly.

  2. “looks fantastic and betrays his designer heritage.” Are you sure you meant betray in that sentence? I’d go with portray, but if you think it somehow compromises his heritage, then I guess I’d keep it as is.

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