The Gas Cap Senses Your Flatulence And Displays It On Your Forehead

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if there’s any possible way to let those with deficient olfactory senses know just how flatulent you are, wonder no more. The Gas Cap is here to fulfill that very need. A bar graph of sorts, located on the front of a hat that will light up to reflect the amount of methane sensed near your, uh, exhaust port. This project cost around $100, though a good portion of that went to the Xbee modules so that the detector could be separated from the hat, allowing for remote fart notifications.

This seems to be a project that is not as uncommon as one might assume. We’ve seen fart intensity detectors as well as tweeting chairs that alert the world when you pass gas.

[via Adafruit]

13 thoughts on “The Gas Cap Senses Your Flatulence And Displays It On Your Forehead

    1. I sincerely thing Gas Cap is a much more entertaining title.

      That said, I know one person who does NOT need one. I’m sometimes a bit embarrassed by the fact that my wife can out fart almost anyone, and she does on a regular basis. No SBDs here.

      1. man I could out fart your wife any day, I have so much methane in me the local power station gets its fuel from my arse with enough to power 5000 homes daily…. Lmf(arting)ao

  1. #1 only 10% of the population has the ability to produce methane.
    #2 unless you put the sensor really close to the source, you will only get ambient readings.

    As far as my wife is concerned I would have burned up the sensor on that thing.

  2. I think you might be able to sell this cap in Spencer’s for people who want to be self humiliating but the rest of the population wouldn’t buy it. The gas company has more sophisticated sensors for leaking gas.

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