Hackaday Links May 13th 2012

Amazing ass… for a robot

Yep, Japan still has the creepy robotics market cornered. Case in point is this robotic posterior. Don’t worry, they’ve included a dissection so you can see how the insides work too. [via Gizmodo]

Time-lapse camera module results

As promised, [Quinn Dunki] sent in a link to the photo album from her time lapse camera module. In case you missed it, she built it in a Tic Tac container and stuck it to the side of a racecar.

Kinect controlled killbot

Didn’t we learn anything from RoboCop? We could totally see this Kinect controlled robot (which happens to weigh five tons) going out of control and liquefying an unsuspecting movie extra standing near it. [via Dvice]

Laser popping domino balloons

apparently [Scott] has set a world record by using a laser to pop a line of 100 red balloons. We enjoy seeing the size of the 1W laser that does the popping… it can’t be long now before we get a hold of handheld laser pistols. [via Gizmodo]

Laser balloon targeting

If that last one was a bit of a let down, you might enjoy this automatic targeting system more. The blue triangle shaped icon is setting a target, the amber triangles have already been targeted. Once all the balloons are identified a laser quickly zaps each in order. Quite impressive, although no details have been provided. [Thanks everyone who sent in a link to this]


17 thoughts on “Hackaday Links May 13th 2012

  1. In the second laser video, I’m not sure that the targeting is automatic, it looks human controlled to me. The shooting after the targeting is definitely automatic, though.

  2. I may not be one to talk, because my feet are unusually dextrous. I can express at least all the emotion with them that a Muppet can. I am guilty of doing this on occasion to entertain my girlfriend, and did so for a half hour just yesterday. She’s even given my feet names according to their “personalities”. Good silly fun.

    Butt seriously… I just don’t know what to make of this. From the video, “And second is to raise the argument as to what perceptions will be manifested in the minds of people who communicate with SHIRI.” Say what? Communicate with a robotic posterior, my foot.

    Dr. Shiri, you’re missing a far greater calling. Please go into the movie business. I want to see a giant robotic butt destroying Toyko, Godzilla-style. And scientists making futile attempts to establish communications with it, in an attempt at placation. I will be watching for it on Rifftrax.

  3. Who would be interested if that last video would be controlled by a kinect? In fact that’s what we did with our master’s thesis (although with only a 2mW laser to point and not destroy).

    I hope I find the time to edit the video so I can upload it…

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