Yet Another PCB Quadcopter

Like most people out there, we’re fascinated by these little buzzing and hovering quadrotors. We’ve really enjoyed the recent trend of miniaturizing them and using PCBs as the frame itself. As [scolton] points out in his instructible, his isn’t the first, the smallest, or the lightest, but he does have some great information and a few tricks up his sleeve that make this a fun project to check out. The 4pcb measures 6.5 inches from motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. It weighs 138 grams and, with its current batteries,can fly for roughly 8 minutes.

A nice thing about the 4pcb is that it includes brushless motor drivers into the design. Apparently that isn’t very common. What we really like though is the massive amount of reference material [scolton] provides. Not only could you download everything necessary to recreate his work, he links to so many other projects and resources you could probably expand in any direction your heart desires. If you’re considering a quadcopter build in the near future, you might want to bookmark this one.

7 thoughts on “Yet Another PCB Quadcopter

  1. That’s a nice and well documented build. Bookmarked for when I eventually get round to building one.

    Hang on a minute… it’s entered in the same Instructables competition as I am. Boo. It’s dreadful. What a pile of crap! I doubt it’ll fly and if it does it could take your eye out. ;-)

  2. Wow. That is probably the best documented project I have seen. The best part is that the author / creator took the time to explore every engineering nook and cranny and and and document his conclusions. The exploration of prop balancing to minimize vibration by using a strobe light to visualize flex and torsion was a real treat.

    This is beginning to change my mind about Instructables.

    – Robot

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