Copying Complex Objects In Wood

[Matthias], eminent woodworker he is, designed and built an awesome machine to make copies of just about any object imaginable. With a few scrap 2x4s, and a few bolts, screws, and skateboard bearings, you too can copy anything into a solid block of wood.

The theory of operations for [Matthias]’ copy carver is mounting a router and ‘follower’ to the same piece of wood. Put that on an XY table with a rotation axis, and just about any object can be copied in wood or plastic. It’s not too dissimilar to a Dulplicarver, a routing machine meant to copy everything from gun stocks to guitar and violin bodies.

So far, [Matthias] has copied a rotary phone and a sadly non-functional wrench.  It’s the perfect follow-up for [Matthias]’ 3 axis pantograph router that can copy and enlarge any random flat object you can throw at it.

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9 thoughts on “Copying Complex Objects In Wood

  1. Having seen Matthias’ design firsthand, I can testify that it’s much better than the Duplicarver by a long shot.

    The linear system is elegant and rigid, it’s a beautiful bit of kit to behold…

    – krazatchu

  2. The carver is fantastic. Perhaps as fantastic are the custom built bandsaw guides you can see in some of the build photos. I bet those would significantly improve the performance of my inexpensive bench top bandsaw.

  3. It didn’t copy the cord too!?!? *j/k* Pretty awesome – but unfortunately if I had one of these, I’d have a whole house full of wooden replicas of everyday objects that would annoy the heck out of my wife (hmmm.. guess I’d better get to work on this!)

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