HackaDay Is Entering In The Redbull Creation Contest

When I returned from MakerFaire Kansas City I was very pleased to find a Bullduino waiting on my doorstep! Hackaday has been accepted into the first round of the Redbull Creation Contest. I’m doing the physical building while the other writers are consulting for this round. I’m also pulling people from around me here at SquidFoo (my local hackerspace) that can help.

Today, I got lucky enough to run into [Tony Sherwood] from MakerBot. I told him my idea and he eagerly volunteered to lend his brains and his brawn… as well as his Makerbot Replicator. He’s been extremely helpful so far offering very good ideas on how we can get this thing operational as fast as possible.

I’m not going to share exactly what we’re building yet. I can tell you it will not be the most complex project, but it will be really fun, and most likely dangerous. We’re starting today, which means we have very little time to build. Lets hope we can make something interesting enough to go to round two!

10 thoughts on “HackaDay Is Entering In The Redbull Creation Contest

    1. No, wait, Red Bull can cannon. You can put it on a turret controlled by the bullduino. And throw in a Kinect or OpenCV or something. 3D print a sabot if you can’t find a pipe with a matching ID.

  1. What is it with the makerbot! The PR guys seem to be everywhere. Please no more makerbot advertising.
    There are better cheaper printers being built and hacked without a million being spent on PR.

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