We Made It Into The RedBull Creation Finals!

We are quite happy to announce that we’ve made it into the next round of the Red Bull Creation contest.  Our entry was fairly simple, but just amusing enough to get us by. I’m assembling my team here in springfield missouri at Squidfoo as well as setting up some full time Skype sessions with writers elsewhere.

We currently have no idea what the topic will be, but we do know that we will have 72 hours to complete it, starting the 19th. Red Bull will be filming the entire process so you can watch as we build. We are not a well trained team and we are all very strongly opinionated. We’ll be lucky if we complete anything in that time!

I’d like to address a couple common thoughts:

1. Why are you promoting Red Bull?
Hackaday has always been focused on promoting hacking. We see this contest as having the same goal. If Red Bull wants to be the one making this happen, no problem here. Maybe other companies will take their lead. Imagine if Sony or Microsoft held official hacking contests! It looks like Radio Shack has started doing the same thing as well. Good for them!

2. Why did you build your thing that way/it is done wrong/ why didn’t you do it this way?
We are not professionals. We are under a tight time limit. We want to put on a good show, maybe making it shoot sparks sounded like more fun than making it accurate to the nanometer. Lighten up.

13 thoughts on “We Made It Into The RedBull Creation Finals!

  1. Good luck! But the time-limit seems needlessly dramatic. Expect sleepless nights, but for gods’ sake don’t drink that caffeinated sugar shit. It’s worse for your body, at equivalent dose, than taking amphetamines. There’s all sorts of dangers cropping up with “energy” drinks.

    Sleep is vital, and an abused and under-rated thing these days. How about a nice cup of herbal tea?

    1. that’s patently ridiculous. Sugar and caffeine at the “dose” in a RedBull can is not inherently dangerous at all. Drinking a cup of coffee and eating a slice of cake would give you the same “dose”…or is that dangerous too?

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