Fancy Beer Pong Table Cleans Your Balls

Beer Pong seems to have been around for some time but it only recently exploded in to a universally known game. But one thing has always bothered us. Who wants to drink the beer into which that grimy little ball has fallen? Leave it to the frat boys at MIT to come up with a solution. Their beer pong table automatically cleans your balls.

Of course the table looks great. It’s outfitted with laser cut felt lettering on the apron, and the top features EL wire highlights. But the two features that really set it apart aren’t hard to spot either. First, there are rain gutters along either side to help catch the spillage. Secondly, that blue ring is actually the input nozzle for the ball cleaner. By pushing the ball through the vinyl sleeve it enters a recirculating liquid cleanser, popping out of the portal on the left a second later. That’s about all the details we have on the system, but you can get a closer look at the inner workings in the clip after the break.

The thing to remember is that these guys NEVER run out of ping-pong balls. They’ve got thousands on hand ever since they built this launcher.

19 thoughts on “Fancy Beer Pong Table Cleans Your Balls

    1. Yeah water. Try rubbing your hands all over the floor and every other surface at a frat house and then rinse it in a dixie cup of water. Then dunk those hands in to your beer and see if you want to drink it. I like the idea of using water in the cups and having a mug of beer to drink from. I don’t think I would trust this machine either. What are they using to “wash” the balls? because if it’s water it is not cleaning much. And if it’s alcohol based I hope it is a human consumable kind. It’s all too complicated and has questionable sanity gains. Easier and more effective to just use water in the cops and have a sanitary mug to drink from. I never played this game but do the cups get reused from game to game? Just use the personal mug method. It’s the most sanitary.

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