Whatever A Phobia Of Fingers Is Called, This Is It.


Touched is a project by [Rebecca Strauss] that integrates servos, strings, and felt into a horrifying kinetic sculpture made up of a dozen mechanical fingers straight from a Boschian nightmare.

The fingers are made up of segments of wood articulated with the help of a small string. Each pair of fingers is controlled by a single servo, and the tips of each pair of fingers is controlled by a second servo.

After covering them in felt, [Rebecca] wrapped conductive thread around each of the fingers. When some of the fingers are touched, they all recoil as if controlled by a demon living just under a mountain of felt.

[Rebecca] brought in another kinetic sculpture using her servo controlled fingers; in the video up at the top and after the break, you can see the inner workings of this floor-mounted version. When the IR proximity sensor goes off, the fingers recoil but can be coaxed out again by gently stroking one of the phalanges.


96 thoughts on “Whatever A Phobia Of Fingers Is Called, This Is It.

    1. Dicksamillion. R2-D2F. Rubbie the Rub-bot. The Tadgernator. Long-cutus of Dong. Bang-centennial Man. R. Daneel OlivAWWW YEAH. ASIM-Oh-face’. Cock-lossus, which merged with Guardian to become Willy Control. Chetter Hummer. John-Thomas #5. WILL-E. The robot from from Fritz Wang’s Meatropolis.

    1. this ranks up there on the weird scale with the Japanese butt project using emotional gestures as a thesis to justify it. I’m not even going to touch this one. I admit to being a quiet troll but this one doesn’t even need my help ^^;


    How did I NOT see this while I was there!?

    “If you pet it… just right… it will come out.”

    -phallic array slowly rises-

    “It’s the same for the one that controls the tip”

    1. I can’t tell if she just has got awesome poker face or is oblivious to the obvious. I would suspect the former, especially considering the expert thumb motion as she “pets it juuust riiight”.

      1. OMG I totally noticed that “petting action” she did. I’m sure that at home she uploads this different program that is the total opposite of it being afraid when touched.

  2. I wonder if she’s single… Anyway, it somewhat reminds me of the Day of the Tentacle intro, a classic PC game, “I feel like I could… TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!”

    It also reminds me of typical evil monsters in “h” anime, or, the typical bikini-snatching octopus in regular anime.

    1. I actually think this is a really good interactive sculpture. . . and if it’s somewhat phallic that may well be the intent and lend to the “art”.

      Perhaps the HaD readership should just go visit SF Armory already.

      Also, HaD staff; that guy is an awful interviewer.

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