IPad External Battery Case Forced To Work With A Non-iPad Tablet

[Carnivore] uses a Pipo Max M1 tablet. It’s an Android device that is very responsive thanks t the 1.6 GHz dual-core processor and it runs Jellybean (latest version of Android OS). The one thing he wasn’t so happy with is battery life. Under heavy load it lasts about three hours. When reading an eBook that use can be stretched to 10 hours. His solution was to add an external battery. It turns out the 9.7″ screen makes the body of the device almost exactly the same size as an iPad, so he made an iPad external battery case work with the Android tablet.

[Carnivore] started the hack by disassembling an iP6000 case which houses a 6000 mAh battery. He removed the dock connector and fitted in a 2.5mm power jack. Luckily the buttons on the Android tablet are in nearly the exact same place as those on an iPad, with the power button hole needing just a bit of enlargement. The case charges itself and the tablet’s internal battery using a microUSB port which means he no longer needs to carry around a special power cord. The new hardware increased the battery life by about 75%.

10 thoughts on “IPad External Battery Case Forced To Work With A Non-iPad Tablet

    1. You obviously know nothing of circuitry so you should probably take out a pen and pencil and write this down…

      1. “charging of the dock/tablet and charging accessories?”
      * You cannot charge a battery and dispel the charge from the same port.

      2. “There is no microusb port”
      * A simple Google search using the keywords “ip6000 ipad 1” showed the microusb at the bottom of the shell used for charging.

      Next time you “haphazardly” write a stupid comment like that, please do a quick Google check

      -your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

      1. “You cannot charge a battery and dispel the charge from the same port.”

        AHAHAHAHAHAH wut?

        battery cells have two terminals each. Those two terminals are used both for charge and discharge. Every single cell has just two terminals, and they are all used for both charging and discharging. In fact, I don’t think there is a chemical battery that does charge and discharge from the same terminals.

      2. 1, yes you can, you idiot. Prime example, IPOD, IPHONES AND IPADS! Allow for both charging of the idevice and accessories, at the same time even if you have the right cable. Usb connectors have multiple pins, can with the right set of cables or transistor setup, it can be used as in or out on the same port. HELLO USB-OTG. Regular Rechargeable BATTERIES CAN CHARGE OTHER THINGS, OR BE CHARGED from the same “ports”, with a simple voltage change.

        2, read the damn forum page, he added in a regular sized usb-a female connecter.

        Go jump in a bowl of molten lava.

      3. TROLOLOL…no you can’t you idiot…congrats on trying to be an internet hero. If you are using the ipad for example, the usb pinout is not a typical pinout.. there’s 26 other ports that act as a ‘USB-OTG’ if you have the right circuit.

        As for recharging a battery, you are correct BUT with one fatal exception in that there is no balance circuit. You obviously have never dealt with a rechargeable battery. Any rechargeable battery (in a consumer grade product like his) without a proper balance board will overcharge the battery and catch on fire/explode. You might as well go and kill yourself while charging a battery without balance circuit to rid of the world of your stupidity.

        And I made no comment on him using usb-a…only correcting you on your comment saying there is no micro usb

  1. My only comment is IM so glad that LAME S3 hack is off the top of the page.

    oh and no one should sit for 3-10 hours, should be plent of time to keep the tablet topped up on juice with a 20min walk n stretch every hr of sitting.

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