LEGO Record Player

Some people claim that the sound of vinyl is superior to digital playback. While this hack wont win any awards for audio quality, [Ryan]’s LEGO Record Player is a unique use of one of our favorite toys. Most of the components including the tone arm, counterweight, and base, are built entirely of LEGO. A large gear from an educational construction set is used for the platter. Unfortunately, the rotation isn’t terribly smooth, and the playback is rather distorted.

The turntable uses a standard cartridge and stylus, which should allow it to be connected to any receiver with a phono preamplifier. Using these off the shelf parts, it’s possible to build the mechanical components a turntable out of a variety of things. As the video demonstrates, getting the platter to turn correctly is a bit of a challenge.

Check out a video of the wobbly playback featuring Cindy and Bert after the break.

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7 thoughts on “LEGO Record Player

  1. well it has enough tortional force that he could possibly take advantage of a flywheel to stabilize the RPMs of the system. it would lower the noticeable distortion considerably but would still have a little “wa-wa” in it when the motor caught up with the fly wheel. not to mention the start up time would take longer as the platter would have to get up to speed. there is also a lot to be said about figuring out how to get a lego set to work into phased pulses. but I digress…

  2. Perhaps just a big capacitor on the +- leads of the motor could also help.(Why go mecca when Volta,Ohm and Tesla can help?). Also saw the first version :D perhaps an even more level platter could improve it even more? Great job!

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