Automatic Airsoft Turret


[Valentin] wrote in to tell us about his automatic Airsoft turret. What it lacks in accuracy, it more than makes up for with sheer volume of fire. The pellet container is able to hold 500 6mm bbs, so make sure to get out of the way after this device is armed.

The device itself is a great example of physical hacking, harvesting parts from a motion sensor as well as a G35 gearbox from Airsoft gun. For physical rotation, it uses a reversing platform reminiscent of the way a useless machine works (see this [HAD] article for more useless machine info). Even if you’re not interested in building a turret, this machine employs some very interesting concepts, so it’s worth checking out.

When live action Team Fortress becomes a fad, maybe these will make an appearance. Until then, check out the video of this turret after the break, or check out the original article for more pictures and video!


8 thoughts on “Automatic Airsoft Turret

  1. Just a thought: That turntable would have worked just fine without the reversing feature. Left alone for continuous rotation, it would have only traveled another couple degrees to each side. The only downside I see would be that the “dwell” time at the sides would be increased slightly, but I think I would make that trade for simplicity.

  2. Mounting the gun directly on top of the turntable and modifying the reversing switch setup so that it functions in that manner would allow for a much faster sweep of the field of fire. This would make it less predictable and harder to avoid. Of course, an increase in rate of fire might be necessary for sufficient coverage with a high sweep speed.

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