A Wearable Pipboy 3000

[Zachariah Perry] builds a lot of replica props, and judging from the first few offerings on his blog he’s quite good at it. We enjoyed looking in on the Captain America shield and Zelda treasure chest (complete with music, lights, and floating heart container). But his most recent offering is the wearable and (kind of) working Pipboy 3000 from the Fallout series.

From his description in the video after the break it sounds like the case itself came as a promotional item that was part of a special edition of the game. He’s done a lot to make it functional though. The first thing to notice is the screen. It’s domed like the surface of a CRT, but there’s obviously not enough room for that kind of thing. The dome is made from the lens taken out of a slide viewer. It sits atop the screen of a digital picture frame. [Zachariah] loaded still images from the game into the frame’s memory, routing its buttons to those on the Pipboy. He also added a 12 position rotary switch which toggles between the lights at the bottom of the screen.

A little over a year ago we saw a more or less fully functional Pipboy. But that included so many added parts it was no longer wearable.

20 thoughts on “A Wearable Pipboy 3000

  1. Bbut…but the iPod touch versions that came out ages ago actually do stuff.

    That’s alright the screen lensing on this one is pretty nice. Every project like this fills heads with ideas.

  2. I recently started playing F3 and F:NV after ignoring them for a long long time. Now I average about 4 hours a night on both and am still finding awesome new things everyday. This prop is VERY well done, would love to know some more details regarding the screen and lens he used.

  3. Bit mage thats what i was wondering why not put a smartphone in there with maybe some sensors for temperature or atleast pulse data. Sigh cant say much else,sneaking this in during an exam

  4. get a stellaris launchpad and the LCD booster pack, you can then intergrate it with whatever sensors you feel like to make an real life pip boy 3000. have a look:

    or just the MSP430:

    you can add a green filter to the screen, add a heartbeat sensor, GPS and radio. that pretty much sums up what you attually used the pip boy for other than dressing yourself.

  5. Amazing! I think I just crapped my pants!

    Very well done…it inspires the mind to create working modules similar to the game…like proximity sensors to map out the walls, and a heart monitor (pulse could be taken from the wrist or thumb.) Wish I could buy this on eBay!

  6. Ignore all the ignorant comments, you did an amazing job on every aspect of your PB. You could have built an exact replica that actually monitors for radiation, GPS, Radio, and hack into any computer plus feature that turns you invisible and people would still find ways to tear it down! That’s some awesome work that you did and you should be proud of it! Keep it up using your imagination and skills to create anything you want and you’ll have nothing but the brightest future! Good luck! (BTW – Tweak it to how you like it exactly with everything you can think of – check with patten issue’s to make sure no one will try to sue you, and then sell em for good money! – OR Keep it for yourself as one of your bad ass projects! Put your name on it somewhere though so that you can put it on your resume (in a way).

  7. what kind of LCD digital picture frame is that? I tried to find one with buttons on the front left like how its installed in the pipboy, but found nothing. Any ideas where I would find one like this?

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