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Before assuming that the title should be “web crawler,” just shush your shussins’ and check out the video after the break. The Pinoccio, as previously noted, is a board in development as a sort of web-enabled by default Arduino. This makes it perfect for a project like this one where a little rover is controlled from 10,000 Kilometers away, or around 6000 Miles for those of us that dwell in the US.

This setup uses a cell-phone accelerometer in Brazil to allow control of this robot in Nevada. Although close, the control isn’t quite real time, so that has to be accounted for. Something like this could be easily used for a telepresence ‘bot.

If you want to build your own, the assembly time is estimated at 1 hour. Instructions, as well as source code can be found on their page after the video. Although the Pinoccio board won’t be available until at least this summer, maybe this will give someone inspiration to try something similar in the mean time!
[vimeo w=470&h=300]

7 thoughts on “Pinoccio Web Rover

  1. I really hope the Pinoccio platform takes off like Arduino. Having played around with different WiFi solutions, I think something running off batteries effortlessly is really needed in that space. My only worry is price. I hope it will come down with numbers, as this is the type of board you would want to buy tens of, not one or two. The first thing I would build with one is a letterbox sensor, BTW, that notifies me when the postman has come around. No mains power in my mailbox.

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