Putting Yourself Inside A Display


Here’s an interesting build that combines light, sound, and gesture recognition to make a 360 degree environment of light and sound. It’s called The Bit Dome, and while the pictures and video are very cool, we’re sure it’s more impressive in real life.

The dome is constructed of over a hundred triangles made of foam insulation sheet, resulting in a structure that is 10 feet in diameter and seven and a half feet tall. Every corner of these panels has an RGB LED driven by a Rainboduino, which is in turn controlled by a computer hooked up to a Kinect.

The process of interacting with the dome begins by stepping inside and activating the calibration process. By having the user point their arms at different points inside the dome, the computer can reliably tell where the user is pointing, and respond when the user cycles through the dome’s functions.

There are bunch of things this dome can do, such as allowing the user to conduct an audio-visual light show, run a meditation program, or even play Snake and Pac-Man. You can check out these games and more in the videos after the break.


3 thoughts on “Putting Yourself Inside A Display

  1. Pretty neat. What struck me is that in immersive simulators and games, a system like this could be used for ambient light and sudden movements in peripheral vision and so on.

  2. I’ve been inside both BitDome 1 & 2. They are fantastic. I particularly enjoy the rain shower: blue lights trickle down the dome, lighting flashes. I’m a big fan of Zane Cochran’s projects and his art. His blog is at zanecochran.com.

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