Hinged NES Case Hides An Integrated LCD Screen

We’ve sure been seeing a lot of original NES cases used in projects lately. This time around the thing still plays the original cartridges. This was one of the mains goals which [Maenggu] set for himself when integrating the LCD screen with the gaming console. There is a quick video clip which shows off the functionality of the device. It’s embedded after the break along with a few extra images.

To our eye the NES looks completely unmodified when the case is closed. The cartridge slot still accepts games, but you don’t have to lower the frame into place once that cartridge has been inserted. The image above shows a ribbon cable connecting the top and bottom halves of the build. It routes the signals for both the LCD screen and the cartridge adapter to the hardware in the base. He mentions that he used the original power supply. We’re not sure if the original motherboard is used as well or if this is using some type of emulator.

28 thoughts on “Hinged NES Case Hides An Integrated LCD Screen

      1. He hasn’t come up with any cool stuff in YEARS. I’ve been patiently waiting for him to quit relying on cnc machines and 3d printers and get back to actually hacking stuff.

        If he’d ditch that rev14 deal so that every project didn’t have to include the use of an arduino and makerbot I think the quality of his work would increase.

    1. Don’t be ignorant. This looks so cleanly done because all the guy did was put a hinge on an already existent split line in the case where it opens, then he probably took a small lcd tv that ALREADY had composite input instead of hacking some random lcd/drive board together for extra hacker cred. That being said. It’s just a 7-10″ lcd tv wedged in the top half of a nes, some clever re-arranging of components and rewiring using mentioned ribbon cable.

      I bet he didn’t even have to do anything else other than lift the cartridge contacts to turn it into a slot that would read cartridges without pushing them down, instead of purchasing or hacking together his own slot/mechanism. I know this because I’ve done it lol. Turns out you don’t have to blow on the cartridges if you bend the contacts out really far :)

      1. So what you’re saying is: He used an existing intrusion point, modified it to be able to re-use it later, modified the parts around it to insert an improvement, and all of that while sustaining both original function and original appearance.

        You, Sir, just gave a perfectly fine definition of a hack.

    2. So sorry you dont feel special because he hadnt built anything that you feel is worth-while. How about you produce the work he is doing? Lets see you do it better. Honestly Props to him for doing what he is doing.

  1. Hi Guys. I’m the creator of this mod. As Punkguyta mentioned it’s a fairly simple mod but I haven’t come across a similar one online, therefore I posted it here. The 10.4″ LCD already had composite input and for the cart connection I used an old Game Genie. Then add a small speaker with audio amp and you’re done. Motherboard and all the rest is stock. And you can still hook it up on a tv.

  2. looks nice. Ah reckon all y’all gotta do now is hack in a nice li-ion pack, say 3 rows of 3 each 18650’s fer a total of 11.1v, an’ 6600-7800mah t’ make this rig portable (er add the option a’ goin mobile anyway). the batts could charge when its plugged in t’ AC power, an’ unplugged it’d run bout 4-6hrs Ah reckon.

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