DIY Arduino Pro Mini Quadcopter

[execUc] took a stock V929 quadcopter and started making some crafty customizations. The main change – the control electronics were replaced by an Arduino Pro Mini (16Mhz model). He soldered all the modules on a prototyping board and, although admittedly a bit heavy, the little guy takes flight with no problem.

Among other details, an HMC5883L (magnetometer) and MPU6050 (accelerometer / gyroscope) are used as sensors. A LiPo 7.4V battery pack supplies the power. The brushed motors are controlled by pulse-width modulation from SI2302 MOSFET with added diodes. He plans to swap out the micro-controller for an ARM7 stm32F103 for extra computing power, and needs to play with the PID values to correct a slight problem he seems to be having when rotating.

Check out a test flight video after the break. [execUc] has a thorough list of all the alterations he made in the video description, so be sure to read it.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

5 thoughts on “DIY Arduino Pro Mini Quadcopter

    1. Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t make this quadcopter — he’s just reporting on it. Right at the very beginning of this article, this project is credited to the YouTube user execUc. You’d be better off going to the video and asking the actual creator for his code.

      Furthermore, it’s a terribly bad idea to put your email up for everyone to see. If I were you, I’d beg the moderators to censor it before spambots and trolls get to it. Welcome to the Internet, kiddo.

      Just for future reference, the key thing is to read a little before asking. It saves everyone some trouble.

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