Controlling A Terminal With Google Voice


For how awesome Google Voice is, we’re surprised we haven’t seen this before. [Steve] is using Google Voice to run commands on just about any Linux box.

Google Voice doesn’t have an official API, and existing unofficial APIs weren’t up to snuff for [Steve]’s project. He ended up writing his own that checks his unread message inbox every minute and looks for new text messages beginning with the phrase, ‘Cmd’. If a series of checks pass – the text coming from a known phone number and a proper terminal command – the command runs and sends the a text back indicating success or failure.

While [Steve] probably won’t be playing nethack or Zork via SMS anytime soon, we can see this being very useful for a Raspi home automation task. Just send a text message and a properly configured Linux box can open your garage door, turn on the lights, or even start a webcam.

17 thoughts on “Controlling A Terminal With Google Voice

  1. Nice handy project, you’ll need unlimited messages to get real good use out of it though. Lol.

    Had an idea for a project a couple of years ago to use an old nokia phone to recieve the text messages and then pass the commands via a Lufa keyboard or something. Raspberry pi would be a nice little addition to this, and would remove the reliance on the google api.

      1. Think he was thinking of “Weezer”. They had a video on the Windows 95 install disk. Never really took off, and weren’t too popular then, either. Bunch of smartasses.

        I liked the Edie Brickell one. It’s one of the best songs that ever came with an operating system.

        1. Weezer never took off? They have multiple chart topping songs, as well as triple platinum albums. I’m not a fan of them, but I know who they are, and would never describe them as “not too popular”.

  2. Why not just send a text to an email address that is hosted on the Raspberry Pi?

    It’s simple to do, just forward the port and install the mail server program.
    That way, google doesn’t get to keep track of what you are doing to your server.

    1. That phone actually looks pretty awesome.

      Probably qualifies for the $10.00/mo non-smartphone unlimited data plan from att.

      May have to upgrade from my A707 flip phone in the near future.

      1. I was having the same thought when I was looking back over stuff (it does have the Maddox seal of approval lol). I will definitely have to look into this non-smartphone data plan you mentioned, as I had never heard of it. Thanks :)

          1. Nice! Thanks, chief :) This could definitely breathe some life back into some burners I have. I just wish it was around back in the bluetooth my razr to palm days of wap yore :) Thanks again and glad we both got something useful outta the deal :)

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