Sony SmartWatch Running Arduino Sketches


Well that didn’t take long. We just heard last week about the Sony inviting firmware hacks for their SmartWatch and here’s an early example. This image above is an animation running on the watch. It was written as an Arduino sketch which runs on a custom firmware image. [Veqtor] wrote the sketch, which is just a couple of nested loops drawing lines and circles. The real hack is in the firmware itself.

[Veqtor] took part in a workshop (translated) put on by [David Cuartielles] which invited attendees to try their Arduino coding skills on his firmware hack for the watch. It implements an Android parser, but the development is in very early stages. Right now there’s zero information in his readme file. But the root directory of the repo has a huge todo list. Dig through it and see if you can fork his code to help lend a hand.

Learn more about the SmartWatch firmware from the original announcement.

9 thoughts on “Sony SmartWatch Running Arduino Sketches

  1. Not as fast as the stocks of SmartWatch watches were depleted. I ordered one on 12th (day before the news) and yesterday they told me “Sir, sorry to inform you but we’re out of stock” Grrrr, I didn’t even want to hack it just wear it as regular watch (well, maybe just a little, you know, open it see what is inside, poke stuff into it and so on;)

  2. “Android parser” is a mistake. Excluding the obvious mixup between Android and Arduino, this isn’t a parser. It is a port of the Arduino libraries and a bootloader for the STM32 CPU inside the SmartWatch. You’re running code natively on the SmartWatch.

  3. Hi, just an idea.
    If it can be hacked to emulate a Bluetooth device with a known ID, it could be run on the Iphone as a BT headset but use a custom Apple app to push data to and from the watch.
    IWatch anyone? :-)

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