BREWSTER Fetches Your Beer Automatically


Afraid that if you leave the room you’ll miss the best play of the game? Now you don’t need to move your rear end in order to grab the next brewski. BREWSTER was developed to fetch cold beers from the fridge and deliver them to you automatically.

The robot started as a roomba but has been heavily repurposed with the addition of a mechanical arm on top of the chassis. This not only lets BREWSTER grip a can of beer, but it can first open the mini fridge and reach far enough inside to get one from the back. This requires no modification to the refrigerator, but the low clearance of the roomba does call for a mini-fridge sitting at floor level. Check out a demo run in the video after the break. We think the current version is running on a pre-coded route; this project is just waiting for a spin-off that has mapping and machine vision.

The alternative to this single can delivery would be to make the entire icebox into a robot.

[Thanks DJ]

18 thoughts on “BREWSTER Fetches Your Beer Automatically

  1. I like the “eyes” above the claw, gives the thing sort of a face, cute. So now I have my tv remote and my beer bot, now all I need is a fleshlight on a robot arm and I’ll never have to leave my chair!

  2. Call me a hateful troll, but I don’t get what’s with all the beer stuff? Also, it’s mostly from guys who can’t change the oil on a car or fix an engine, but have some macho attitude like they are superior or competent..

    1. Why should every hacker be able to change the oil on a car or fix an engine? They can still be competent in electronics and many other fields. Not everyone has to be, nor is interested in being, a car mechanic. Does that mean they cannot be good at other things?

      For example, imagine 2 guys, another knows cars and the other electronics; 1st guy takes care of both guys’ cars and 2nd guy takes care of their electronics. Both can concentrate being good at one thing and can put more time and effort to it, so the probability for them to be competent in their field grows higher. Just a little bit of collaboration is all we need.

      As for the beer, if it does not suit you, imagine the robot bringing you some other beverage or whatever you prefer.

      1. ” imagine 2 guys, another knows cars and the other electronics; 1st guy takes care of both guys’ cars and 2nd guy takes care of their electronics.”

        Sounds like the perfect gay marriage.

        //not, as Jerry Seinfeld used to say, there’s anything wrong with that//

    2. Well I will have you know that I repair my vehicles all the time and pretty much anything else that needs repair around the house save a lot of money that way. Of course in between building my deck out back.
      Electronics is just a hobbies of mine and Brewster was a project I have wanted to tackle for years but thanks for checking him out. Plan on adding a camera and led lighting soon.

  3. hmm.. the mechanical construction and servos used might work for that EMPTY beer can, but it’s not gonna work for long with full cans. Also the axis movements aren’t coordinated, and oscillate all over the place even with hardly any load.

    1. That’s why heroin is oh so much better then beer. It’s a better high (lasts way way way longer and you don’t need to drink numerous cans to sustain the buzz), doesn’t make you fat, cheaper in the long run, and best of all, you can carry your smack kit into whatever room you want – no need for a robot to do your bidding (that is after all how skynet happens).

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