Hackaday Is Broken

hackaday-mister-yuckWe’re sorry for the page styling problems. This seems to be caused by a server-side upgrade issue — our incomplete stylesheet depended on another that just changed and broke everything. We’re trying to do a roll-back which will give us time to fix our theme. Thanks for your understanding. Feel free to unleash your rage in the comments below ;-)

Pro Tip (or should that be a website fail tip?): Hit CTRL-A (select all) in order to read the white text on white background comments below.

Update: Things look mostly back to normal again. Sorry again for the troubles…. but I’m actually having some fun reading the comments on this one!

53 thoughts on “Hackaday Is Broken

        1. Yes sadly so.

          WordPress VIP appear to have pushed a change to the underlying Genesis template that our theme is based upon. They did this without warning or seemingly testing anything.

          Completely unacceptable! Especially since its a change that we ourselves cannot revert.

    1. i bet it did, i mean it took me 1sec to change the white back to black. But i think the point of this post was to let people know what was going on and not to have a race with the users to see who can fix it first ;)

  1. LOL I turned the page style to no style in Firefox and I was able to read the comments fine. I suppose complaining in a forum about something that those hosting the forum and reading the complaints can’t do a thing about might be cheap therapy for some.

    1. Ah nice, I did. But sadly either your editor or WordPress’s horrible style sheet or whatever “smart”-quoted it out of action. You need to fix each occurence of the quote mark into actual normal ones for it to work.

  2. the color you are searching for is #f5f5f5 or white smoke, simply debug your browser find all style references to that color, add a background color #000 !important; to every class that uses whitesmoke,in your stylesheet and then delete until it looks good again.

    after that you can focus on the problem

  3. if you have a backup of the file before you upgraded you can replace the existing one.

    the page looks ok i dont see anything wrong

    i think you should not upgrade unless there is a show stopping security issue or a feature that you cant reproduce via redundancy long drawn out code

    1. This was not our upgrade unfortunately. We run the site through WordPress VIP (who have hosted HackADay for years now). They performed the upgrade without our knowledge and did not check our site.

      They’ve now reverted the change and will give us some time to fix the theme.

    1. I don’t know. I’ve been reading since nearly the beginning (nine years ago) and there’s a special place in my heart for the old black green and white. I also like the simplicity — makes it very easy for me to scroll down and see what I missed (although that happens less now that I’m doing the scheduling).

  4. Nice it’s all working again – I don’t suppose you guys have any plans to upgrade the template/theme to a more modern, fluid layout that fills in all of that empty real-estate on larger monitors? ;)

    1. I for one want a better comment system first. It would be nice to have a way of easily finding which comments are new. I would also like some different presentation options as well (organize chronologically, by most popular, etc.) That’s quite a ways off, but I will keep on it.

      But once that happens it’ll probably be time for another layout audit.

    1. …or maybe a COMPETITION!!, with a few “Mystery Box” awards containing products from sponsors, like 3D printers/Makerbots/etc, varieties of IC chips, microcontrollers, parts kits, tools, books, ardiunos/shields, servos, sensors, (robotics parts?), laptops, software, “arducopter”/quadcopter … I mean, the list goes on and on.

      Matter of fact, maybe HaD should have competitions more often, covering a range of techniques and fields — use sponsors for the rewards (and give them some advertising in exchange) and gain more traffic. “Free stuff” for the masses is always cool and helps ramp up website traffic and re-visitors (more impressions and acquisitions!)

      Make the competition simple: a new “WordPress theme” or at least a .css and .js file to load some custom goodies for the current layout. The site already has structure…just some kickass css overriding !important fun.

      Maybe include an “images” package, too – like the HaD logo in a high-res (w/ transparency) PNG.

      …anyhoo…just an idea. ;)

  5. don’t criticize people, it makes you a “troll”, don’t give suggestions, it makes you a “know it all”, don’t give any opinions, you’re not famous or wealthy..

    LIKE A BOSS WAY: Make a hax0r WP theme and sale it on high-index sites and only allow positive comments publicly, and revision off the negative privately..

    This has been a The Truth Hurts production.

  6. When HaD went white on me I found I could highlight text and see it then. But I quickly determined it wasn’t worth the effort. So I was this close >.< to unbookmarking this site …

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