HHH: CNC Storage Base From The Rabbit Hole


Remember when we announced the Hackaday Hackerspace Henchmen program and asked you to send in the best CNC hacks from your Hackerspace? Well so far this is the only entry, which puts [Mazz] in the top spot to take all the loot for himself. Send in your projects by 10/31/13 if you want a shot at stickers, shirts, and a parts vendor gift card.

What he sent in is a storage cabinet base built for his hackerspace — The Rabbit Hole in Rochester, Minnesota. The group managed to get their hands on a CarveWright CNC machine but didn’t have a spare bench to put it on. The thought of dropping a lot of cash into something wasn’t appealing to them. But as luck would have it, about the same time this arrived at the space one of the members spied a free filing cabinet curbside.

The cabinet was a vertical four-drawer unit. It was chopped in half, with the resulting two-drawer units bolted side-by-side to each other. From here a frame was built to support the cabinets, along with locking casters so that it’s easy to move around. The inaugural run with the new machine/cabinet combination was to mill a sign for the space:


18 thoughts on “HHH: CNC Storage Base From The Rabbit Hole

  1. Is building a base from some 2x4s, a cabinet and plywood top really a hack? For a hackerspace setup to do woodwork I would at least demonstrate better carpentry skills than this.

    1. I would like to see more hard-core CNC hackerspace hacks. But this is the only one that was sent in since the announcement on 10/7. Hopefully this serves as inspiration for others to submit their hacks, otherwise The Rabbit Hole takes all the prizes by acclamation.

      1. Hey Mike, I get it. I don’t intend to come off as an ass, but actually posting it as it’s own thing instead of subtly slipping it in weekly “Links” post? You’re lowering the quality of the site. Sure, send Rabbit Hole the swag and such, but having posts like this by themselves… it’s really watering down the quality of the hacks much in the way of billions of replica Arduino posts did.

  2. …for the cabinet ike’A style aficinadows: See the Benefit in the moveable workbench. But… With pressure & pc onboard inside update, i would call that dam small machine a real mobile hackspace hack. Great comfort when you can let the chips fly and modify things next to your projekt, before lost time with walking round…

  3. Sorry for the multiple posts, my phone wasn’t working correctly.
    But anyways for the CNC machine, I have a shed dedicated to it.
    I’m working on Rebel ES LED lighting for it (I happened to have white stars and a driver lol), I have a window for the shed now,
    I”m getting power out there, I have a little box for the machine, a rack to hold the slabs of wood, and all that other random stuff.

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