Hackaday Logo Projector From A Single LED

Here’s another Trinket Contest entry that was interesting enough for its own feature. [Adam] made his own Hackaday version of the Bat signal. It’s not nearly as big, but the concept is the same. Using this single modified LED he’s able to project a 12″ image that seems quite well-defined (more pictures below).

The LED is one he pulled from an old flashlight. After sanding the dome flat he made a jig which positioned it inside of his laser cutter. From there he etched the 0.1″ logo and filled the negative space with some ink. The remaining surface was polished to help the light shine through, then positioned in front of a jeweler’s loupe to magnify the image.

There’s just a couple of hours left before the Trinket Contest draws to a close. Get your entry in for a chance to win!

11 thoughts on “Hackaday Logo Projector From A Single LED

  1. Use two LEDs one red and one blue and stick them side by side amd create a “pop out” style 3d image.
    Or maybe it might be possible to cut a 3D image into a bi-colour LED (without filling it/useing the matrial found on “one way” glass) in such a way as to render the image from different angles. (tri-colour and profucing a full colour immage could be interesting)

    1. And printed stuff as well. Still a loupe (folding or fold up loupe will have plenty of hits), just not mainly for jewellery.

      For anyone wondering there should be a scale engraved on the bottom 3rd (on the desk) bit. It must be underneath.

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