Trinket Contest Update #7


This is the last update for the Trinket Contest. We hope to announce the winners at the end of the week (there’s a lot to dig through!). If you didn’t see yours on one of the updates, either we didn’t get it, it wasn’t a complete entry, or you missed the deadline.

After the break you can see that final eight entries.

trinket-pumpkin[Aaron’s] showing some love with his Jack-o-Lantern this year.

trinket-brass-badgeThis badge is an example [Carlos] used in his brass etching guide.

trinket-ti-calculator[Christopher Mitchel] sent in a bitmap on his graphic calculator which isn’t surprising since we’ve seen his work on this hardware several times before. Learn about the hacks performed on the calculator pictured from his recent post.

trinket-on-a-trinketYo Dawg… [Andrew] put our logo on a Trinket in order to win a Trinket. He fessed up to having used TheGimp rather than actually etching the case of the uC.

trinket-hand-etched-200mw-laserThis one is from an un-named submitter. He says he doesn’t have nice tools like everyone else but wanted to do something cool. He hand-etched the logo in a computer mouse using a 200mW laser. We think that’s pretty awesome!

trinket-reprap-hackThis one’s actually a hack. [Michael] has been meaning to turn his RepRapPro Huxley into a pen plotter. He didn’t have time to do it properly so he just zip-tied a pen to the extruder and printed a slice of the logo.

trinket-motivational-mirrorThis is a motivational mirror at this unknown submitter’s work.

trinket-embossing-pen[Sebastian] had the embossing pen in his CNC router for making his wedding invitations so he made a special run for the contest.

12 thoughts on “Trinket Contest Update #7

  1. You’d think after all the effort I put in to branding that trinket, it’d be a cert to win. I had to use my time machine to zoom forward and collect the trinket I had just ordered. I then neeed to fire up my plasma quantum exfibrilator and fed it the gcode generated from the HAD SVG file to blast a thin sheen of graphine on to the surface of the chip. The fact that it looks like it was done in Gimp is purely co-incidental.

  2. Two things.
    1. I made the motivational mirror. I took the mirror and flipped it over. Then I cut the design in to the back with a laser. This left a mirror finish as the graphic. I used inkscape to make the image and retina engrave to cut it in the backing.

    2. The hand etched mouse shows more support, more love, and just flat out the best art statement possible. Winning!

    James @ Whitney Advertising

  3. I think the next hack-a-day contest should be the largest hack a day logo created. It should be quantitative like any good science site and based entirely on sheer square footage. I’d even throw in for the grand prize…. I’m pretty sure I have an old Arduino around here someplace…

    1. We originally hoped someone would carve the HaD logo into a corn field. Maybe get it on Google Earth or something.

      Then we thought… “huh. well, some farmer would need to run their corn harvester machine for at least an hour or two, and the fuel consumption on that thing *has* to be insane. Then, that farmer would need a pilot friend, and there’s at least another $100 down the drain. Oh, and then the farmer would actually have to harvest the rest of his corn. Seems like someone would be paying at least $500 for a $7 microcontroller.”

      1. I did the Jello carve, and I have to say it is not about the cost of the prize. if I was a farmer that had a corn feild that was ready for harvest I would so put a logo in a field just like those mazs that are popular for halloween. That being said I could have bought one of the trinkets for what I spent on jello but is was fun and tasty to see if jello could be machiend.

      2. You don’t really need any/much fuel for this. Just do it in traditional crop circle-y way and use a *copter afterwards for the picture/video. Hmm… a time lapse of that would also be nice… :)

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