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Looking for an easy way to control that Arduino powered robot you built? We just caught wind of a pair of apps for Android that look pretty handy! WiFi Bot Control and Bluetooth Bot Control.

So, what are they?  They’re configurable apps that are capable of taking in an IPCam video signal, and sending various commands via a URL string (or a bluetooth signal) for an Arduino to interpret. It comes standard with a joystick control protocol and 8 customizable command buttons. On the robot end of things you’re looking at a fairly basic setup consisting of an Arduino, a WiFi module, a motor shield and motors, and an IP Camera. The rest is up to you!

It looks pretty easy to set up, and the lite version is free! That’s good enough reason for us to try it out. The full version is $1.99 which isn’t a bad price to pay for a nice GUI for your project. See it in action after the break with a robot called Eddie.

Speaking of WiFi controlled robots, remember our feature on Tank Wars?

6 thoughts on “WiFi & Bluetooth Bot Control

    1. Funny.. The app asks if the user wants to purchase the Pro version once per start-up. Hardly a “pounding”; and not sure what the “ads” is referring to as there are no ads in the app.

  1. http://wirc.dension.com/wirc
    £80 wifi controller with camera and dongle and you can re program the RX to do more and free app for android and IOS the thing has 8 servo outputs a speaker output and a mic input (not included) pluss a few other extras which as simplicity goes is one up for the extra lazy *cough* efficient!
    just another option

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