SMAC Mag: Spider’s Minimal Analog Control Paintball Gun


[Spider!]’s contribution to the pantheon of paintball markers is the SMAC: a unique revision to one of Airgun Design’s ever-popular Automags. We needed our tipster, [Russell] to provide some context on the Automag’s evolution, because the brand has served as a popular hacking platform for nearly 20 years. The most frequent is a “Pneumag” modification, which converts the original, fully-mechanical trigger pull into a version where the trigger actuates a pneumatic cylinder to fire the gun.

According to [Russell], the Pneumag’s trigger must completely release between each shot to properly recharge the firing chamber. Without a full release, the gun can load extra balls into the barrel and lead to gloppy consequences. Electronic controls solve this problem, but [Spider!] favored an analog solution that captured a “less is more” mentality over a pre-fab microcontroller board. He built the circuit around a 556 timer used as a delayed re-trigger, but with a few modifications.

Swing by [Spider!]’s forum post for additional details, a cluster of pictures and a bill of materials. Microcontroller alternatives? We’ve got you covered.

8 thoughts on “SMAC Mag: Spider’s Minimal Analog Control Paintball Gun

        1. Really? It was the second IC I ever used.

          Anyway, I came to say that modding paintball markers with a handle of ‘Spider’ is very confusing as it is also a brand name in that field. Probably a trademark violation too.

  1. For anyone wondering “why,” this hack takes a relatively ancient yet well made gun platform, and makes it perform in league with modern high-end paintball equipment. The use of a timer circuit is fitting for its old school style!

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