Hackaday Links: December 22, 2013


[Korben] is using a picture frame as a Bluetooth speaker (translated). He hacked a Rock’R² for this project. It’s a device that has a vibrating element which can be used to make any hollow item into a speaker.

Entertain yourself over the holidays by mastering the Apollo Guidance Computer simulator. It’s a JavaScript version of the computer used in the modules of the Apollo moon missions.  [Thanks Gregory and Paul]

Here’s a little mirror attachment that lets you use your laptop as an overhead projector. [Ian] calls it the ClipDraw. Affix it to the webcam and use the keyboard as the drawing surface. Since it’s simply using the camera this works for both live presentations and video conferencing. What we can’t figure out is why the image doesn’t end up backward?

This guide will let you turn a Carambola board into an AirPlay speaker.

Those who suck at remembering the rules for a game of pool will enjoy this offering. It’s some add-on hardware that uses a color sensor to detect when a ball is pocketed. The Raspberry Pi based system automatically scores each game.

We spend waaaay too much time sitting at the computer. If we had a treadmill perhaps we’d try building [Kirk’s] treadmill desk attachment. It’s made out of PVC and uses some altered reduction fittings to make the height adjustable. It looks like you lose a little bit of space at the front of the belt, but if you’re just using it at a walking pace that shouldn’t matter too much.

You can have your own pair of smart tweezers for just a few clams. [Tyler] added copper tape to some anti-static tweezers. The copper pads have wires soldered to them which terminate on the other end with some alligator clips. Clip them to your multimeter and you’ve got your own e-tweezers.

7 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: December 22, 2013

  1. “What we can’t figure out is why the image doesn’t end up backward?”

    Easy to explain with a practical demonstration: Get an open laptop, turn it around and then peek over the top of the screen at the keyboard, it’s looks upside down, if you could tilt your webcam to look down on the keyboard that’s what it would display on screen, the single mirror simply flips it to show it on screen the ‘right’ way up.

    It’s a rather ingenous idea, if you then plug the laptop into a projector you will end up with a digital OHP which has versatility light years beyond a traditional OHP.

    1. It’s not actually a projector, though, unless you add a projector. Which is the expensive part anyway.

      I was hoping something to do with re-using the LCD to make a cheap projector, but no. This is really just a paper-stand.

  2. $6 for some DIY e-tweezers? I bought some manufactured ones from China for just over $3 including postage. :)

    Although I am still waiting for them to arrive, ordered over 6 weeks ago… yet the dozen other tools + electronic bits’n’bobs I orderd from Chinese eBay sellers at the same time have arrived ages ago.

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