Project Lucidity Wants YOU!


Do you lucid dream? Do you want to? [Dinesh Seemakurty] has just started something called Project Lucidity, which is the first(?) open source, developer friendly, fully featured, lucid dreaming sleep mask. And he’s looking for hackers to help!

We’ve covered lots of projects on lucid dreaming before, like making your own homemade lucid dreaming goggles, or modifying a commercial EEG headset for lucid dreaming. We also can’t forget the LucidScribe project either, the one that seeks to communicate from within dream state!

Anyway, what’s different about Project Lucidity? Well, first of all, it’s open source. Second of all, it’s based on an ATMEGA328P, meaning it’s fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. It looks like a great start, and [Dinesh] is planning on taking everything open source very soon — but before then he wants you to try it out!

If this sounds like a project you want to get behind and help develop, check out his site and sign up. Or ask away in the comments section!

11 thoughts on “Project Lucidity Wants YOU!

  1. Hmm … hacking is fun, cool, I fully admit that.
    What I do not get about this project is: Why would you need a … computer to “lucid dream”? Isn’t that … art pour l’art? To me this sounds like inventing an electric spoon. Using electronics just for the sake of using electronics.
    Learning to “lucid dream” is simply a question of wanting it. It needs a couple of day… sorry: nights. I am using my dreams to come up with new ideas or solve problems I am dealing with. I really don’t need yet another computer to “control” my sleep.

    Sure, if I am not interested in a project I don’t have to participate. I get that. But then again: I am simply trying to discuss a point :-)

    1. I glad it’s so easy for you, but personally I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming for years including binaural beats and white noise and have only been able to achieve lucidity a few times. I’m very interested in something that helps me get there, I know once one is able to regularly achieve lucidity the apparatus will not be needed.

  2. Make it open source now. I’m pretty sure more people would (and could) test it, some may even help. I don’t see the point in closed source after a public anouncement, except an empty promise that it will be open someday.

  3. I’d love to be able to lucid dream and I’ve been trying to for years. Unfortunately I’ve only ever experienced sleep paralysis (twice). It felt like it lasted a VERY long time. I was trapped in my body, unable to move or open my eyes no matter how hard I tried. Truly terrifying experience.

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