Real Life Flappy Bird In A Box

Flappy bird this, flappy bird that, we’re really not too sure how a clone of the original helicopter game became so darn popular. Anyway, [Fawn Qiu] — founder of MakeAnything — decided to hop on the bandwagon and made this awesome physical version of Flappy Bird!

She threw it together at the Tribeca Hacks Hackathon, and it uses an Arduino, two servo motors, a reed switch and some magnets. She was inspired by the original Mario in a Box game and this is a great example of her project MakeAnything, which is a technology project community which helps foster the new culture of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) for kids and adults alike, in the United States. They believe that “with the right tool and instructions, we can all make anything and everything!”.

Stick around for the following video where [Fawn] takes it to the streets to let random strangers try their hand at the now iconic game!

Did you know someone has even made a Minecraft version of this?

[Thanks Adam!]

14 thoughts on “Real Life Flappy Bird In A Box

  1. I’m may be a psychopath deep inside and not know it because when I read the title I expected to see a real-life bird getting jolted up and down, somehow, and smacked into pipes.

    Anyway, this is better and more humane. (c:

  2. Looks like fun, best part is the closed lid end of game. I remember wanting a game when I was young that was similar to this. It was a car game that had a steering wheel that moved a car right and left, a rolling track with printed cars and obstacles was rolled from top to bottom. When a collision occurred a crashing noise and light under the rolling mat would flash.

  3. Someone actually knows of the helicopter game!!! The old flash game was before smart phone got smart and not everyone had internet access or used them so very few even know that Flappy game is just glorified helicopter game

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