This Little Piggy Stayed Home And Became A Stove


This little piggy probably should have gone to the market. Instead, its become an extremely decorative, and cute, wood burning stove!

After being inspired by a similar Instructable that guides you through the creation of a wood stove using an expired gas cylinder, [Ruudvande] had to try it himself. The problem was — he didn’t have a gas tank. Luckily for him, he found someone who did, but as it turned out, they wanted to turn it into a barbecue! So, slightly sidetracked, he built them a barbecue using the center of the cylinder, and got to keep the ends and enough steel to make Mr. Piggy himself.

Almost the entire wood burning stove is made of scrap bits and pieces of steel, and various pieces of mounting hardware. Armed with just a MIG welder, [Ruudvande] welded it together all by hand, and we think it turned out great! He’s not quite happy with it yet though and plans to upgrade the chimney, put a larger grill inside, paint it, and even add a glass window to the door.

11 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Stayed Home And Became A Stove

  1. It would be neat if he put the window in for the eyes and had a curly smoke stack to act like a tail. Nice little piggy to keep your toes warm in the winter or smoke some ham in the summer.

  2. I hope Hack-a-Day isn’t going to turn into Instructables.
    This has been my favorite site because you guys always focused on
    electronics, technologies and engineering type projects.

    1. We all have our hopes. Myself, I sincerely hope that moaning idiots who think the world somehow owes them to remain stuck within their limited narrow perception of reality, contract some muscular decease which will prevent them from using a keyboard in the future.

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