AWD Motorcycle Drives Over Anything, Fits Into Dufflebag

This has got to be one of the strangest motorcycles we’ve ever seen. It has huge tires, both wheels are chain driven, and it only weighs 100lbs or so — did we mention it also comes apart and fits into a dufflebag?

It’s what appears to be a home-made Russian bike of some sort, in fact, the YouTube title when translated is “ATV Suitcase” and they aren’t wrong… Anyway, it appears to be designed off of the American-made Rokon Trailbreaker, which is another AWD motorcycle with giant tires, huge ground clearance and extremely versatile — except this one Russian one is either really light, or the rider is ridiculously strong the way he throws the bike around.

In the following video the owner shows off the bike’s prowess climbing stairs, mountains, floating in water, and even uses it as a ladder to climb up a rock face — and then drags the bike up after him.

Plus he can disassemble it in a matter of minutes and fit it in a car smaller than a Fiat.

We’ve actually seen a dirt bike variant of the Rokon Trailbreaker as well, which is quite formidable with its AWD.

[via Jalopnik]

47 thoughts on “AWD Motorcycle Drives Over Anything, Fits Into Dufflebag

      1. Says a guy who has obviously never owned an atv. I can tell you from experience that even heavy duty atv tires get punctures quite easily when running offroad. These tubes would tear in minutes.

    1. From the description:

      gtranslate of specs:

      Technical data:

      Axels 2×2-
      max. speed 60 km.chas (a 3-speed version)
      Engine 2 x cycle. 5-5.5 hp.
      centrifugal clutch-transmission
      gears-2 (3)
      the brake disc on the intermediate shaft
      carrying capacity of 180 kg.
      fuel consumption of 1.2-liters / hour.
      wheel cameras UAZ
      wheel diameter – 740 mm.
      width wheels – 220 mm.
      tire pressure – 0.13 kg / cm.
      ground pressure min. – 0.04 kg / cm.
      clearance – 370 mm.
      turning angle of the front fork 55-degrees.
      Seat height – 750 mm.
      tank capacity – 3 – 5 l.
      dry weight – 47-50 kg.
      minimum-time showdown 10-20 sec. (detached front fork)
      during disassembly max. – 2-4 min. (includes two bags in the trunk of the Oka)

  1. Nice specs, no suspension, the low pressure tires do the shocks work. Also the tires are a kind of sweet and light rubber, because it is not for jumps no need of a strong frame… well i think it is a question of good chosen essentials.. i bet it has now lights, so no need of a big eletric generator, the starter must be by foot, again, no need for a battery.

    It´s like a pratical thing that many people isn´t used to see. In most modern contries people tend to use a nuke to kill an ant. People buy a car, and acept to pay twice the that the car costs because it has a special radio, special sound system, a tv screen, gps, fancy warm seats, yada yada yada… and 50 years ago there was also cars and guess what, they worked too.. so my point is, if you assemble a car nowadays with the performance specs of 50’s model T convertible, i bet you could get a car under 200kilograms and i bet 4 people or even less could lift it from ground..

    Plus you know pit bikes? i have one, and it have way less than 100kg, maybe 40 ou 50kg.. any adult in his glory days can lift it with more or less effort..

      1. Neither is this bike, he’d get pulled over for being a road hazard*. So what’s your point?

        The point being that if you build something are keep it down to a few simple goals, ei 4 seats and an engine, you can do something amazing, especially if you’re not spending time going for the visual WOW factor of brand new features.

        *data sheet max speed of 45 mph. Anyone willing to go that fast on a lawnmower engine does not have engine life in mind , which if the video in any indication as to it’s target audience, is something that you would be concerned about, you know, not getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. I doubt he’s got a Sat phone to call for help.

        1. Engine life has nothing to do with speed. Gearing does. If you tried to go 45 mph in your car while staying in first gear, even your car engine would be screaming bloody murder.

          1. True, it is *mostly* about gearing, not pushing the engine too hard helps quite a bit too, which is why you probably drive in town closer to 2000 rpms (or lower) than towards the redline…

            And this is probably the right audience on this site to find someone who could potentially design a gearbox for that thing because 3 gears (from the tech sheet above) is going to make that engine scream at 45 mpg. Keep in mind it’s got to haul itself, a rider and have some payload otherwise it’s just a toy and I somehow doubt that it was designed as a toy.
            That is of course without other things taken into consideration, like tires not rated for those speeds and a ton of other things I’m not thinking of, like brakes…

  2. I kinda expected/hoped it to be based on the old honda minitrial-bikes. I do hope that whenever it will be produced, it will be with a 4stroke engine, my experiance with 2stroke-engines isn’t that good.

  3. Freaking awesome, I want one too.
    Very clever essential design too: 2WD, the tires themselves are the suspensions and by making some minor design mods to the tires it could become a sort of a water scooter in half a minute by sticking a couple inflatable floaters to the sides. Bravo!

  4. Fits in a car smaller than a Fiat?
    It seems to fit fine inside Uno, maybe try 126 next?

    Tube frame with twostroke+trans isn’t that heavy, my guess is the wheels might be the heaviest part (or not if the guy has TIG for welding aluminium).

  5. I was hoping that after he disassembled the bike and put the duffel bags in a very small car, he would then disassemble the small car, and put it’s 4 duffel bags into a small truck.

  6. Hate to be a sceptic but, I find it strange that at no point in the video does he actually ride the bike after throwing it around. There’s always a cut before he rides it or we don’t see him riding it at all. It could be because the starter is manual or not connected to the bike. Or maybe there’s two models, one light dummy model and a heavier working model.

    For a 50kg bike, he seems to be lifting it rather easily with one hand from an akward sitting position at around 1.05.

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