The Hacklet #1

Hacklet Newsletter Issue 1

With the launch of, our project hosting site, we’ve seen quite a bit of interesting hacks flowing in. While we feature some of our favorite projects on the blog, we’ve decided it’s time to start a regular recap of what’s going on in the Hackaday Projects community. We call it The Hacklet, and the first issue is now available.

This installment starts off with information on our Sci-fi Contest and improvements to the Hackaday Projects site. We talk a bit about the various projects relating to the Mooltipass password manager being developed on Hackaday. The Mooltipass has its own project page, but there’s also separate projects for the low level firmware being developed. Next we look at a pair of NFC rings for unlocking Android devices, and finish off with advice on soldering tiny packages.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Our goal is to summarize some of the neat things going on in the community, and we’re always happy to get constructive feedback from the community itself. Or you can flame us… whichever you prefer.

11 thoughts on “The Hacklet #1

    I am quite sure that this is where your real focus is unfortunately .
    You bowl in take over the site , move its purpose completely to focus on you and your exploits and achievements and stuff the site completely . Looking for a replacement site folks!!
    Make sure you make your new sites public on here in the comments and anywhere else you can stick them

      1. Look the nice thing about computers is that if you have all the data stored in one place its easy to pull out a specific persons comments and look through thourouly then take something out of context and try to be smart about it . Thats fine . It bothers me not .

        What does concern me , and I post to make you aware of it , is your change in emphasis and choice of subjects. Its not as appealing as it was . Its not really definable apart from the “look at me ” style approach and I suppose that’s necessary now on the internet to try to grab attention and “hits” to make the site on-saleable .

        If anything I just wish you would study the content of material before you bought the site and swerve it back that way.

        1. I find it rather confusing that people here bitch every single day about how Hack-A-Day simply re-posts posts found elsewhere on the internet, and then they turn around and bitch about the original content the make.

          For that matter, people around here just bitch way too fucking much. Just STFU if you don’t have anything constructive to add.

          My perspective is that I like some of the changes and I don’t like some others. So, I click on what I like and ignore what I don’t. It truly isn’t that difficult to take responsibility for yourself.

          Some people will simply never be happy no matter what you do. You learn this very quickly in customer service. So glad I don’t do that anymore.

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