This Weekend: Hackaday At The Southeast Vintage Computer Festival


The Vintage Computer Festival hits Roswell, GA this weekend for the second year, packed with museum displays dating back to the Kenbak 1 and hobbyist vintage exhibits. The Apple Pop-Up museum is back as well, along with last year’s popular retro gaming area and a maker-styled kit building area. Here’s an album packed with images from last year’s festival, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

You can check out the scheduled speakers and workshops here. While you’re there, look for the short, nerdy guy wearing a Hackaday shirt and I’ll be sure to throw some Hackaday stickers at you.

One thought on “This Weekend: Hackaday At The Southeast Vintage Computer Festival

  1. The pop-up museum is very well done, and seeing many of the older computer systems was a treat. It was a little strange to see computers under plexiglass that I have owned in the past. The tic-tac-toe computer made from pinball parts in 1961 actually works, too!

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