The Hacklet #3

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The Hacklet Issue 3

The third issue of The Hacklet has been released. In this issue, we start off with a roundup on the Sci-Fi Contest which recently concluded. After seeing the many great hacks you came up with for that contest, we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of for The Hackaday Prize.

Next up, we take a look at two hacks that deal with switching mains, which is a feature that most home automation projects need. These high voltage switches can be dangerous to build, but one hack finds a safe and cheap way to do it. The next looks at building your own high voltage circuitry.

Finally, we talk about two laser hacks. The first is practical: a device for exposing resins and masks using a laser. The second is just a really big laser, built from hardware store parts. Who doesn’t like big lasers? We definitely like big lasers, and so does the FAA.

2 thoughts on “The Hacklet #3

  1. Unfortunately,
    I already knew about this hack let episode thanks to the email you sent out to members.

    “Why unfortunately?” You ask.

    Because, I specifically disabled ALL email notifications the last time you sent one out.

    Which means that you are ignoring the “unsubscribe option” and still contacting me. (And probably others)

    Hopefully you can fix this before Hacklet #4, otherwise you might end up being reported for violation of email marketing regulations and CAN-SPAM.

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